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Accredited COLORBOND® Roofing Contractor In Bracalba

COLORBOND®-Roofing-Brisbane Roofing products coated in COLORBOND® technology are noted because of their toughness, longevity and strength. As a result of its outstanding qualities COLORBOND® steel is one of the most effective roofing materials to use on residential buildings, commercial, and industrial establishments.

How Environmentally Friendly Are The Products?

If you’d prefer to find out more about functional properties of all COLORBOND® steel roofing products, at any time consult one of the roofers at Brisbane Roofing services. Nevertheless,the best results in reducing energy expenditures are achieved by adding high-quality insulation and underlayment on your Thermatech® enriched COLORBOND® steel desired roofing product. With Thermatech® coating the roofing material reflects solar heat more successfully, therefore cutting down costs connected with energy generated by using A/C. COLORBOND® steel products are offered in twenty-two unique colours, twenty one of which are coated with Thermatech® – technology with highly efficient heat controlling properties.

Two Steps To Making Reliable Roofing Products

Step 1

COLORBOND® steel is manufactured by applying Zincalume® base (alloy of zinc, aluminium, and magnesium) to the sheet of steel. With Zincalume® as the foundation, COLORBOND® steel displays high anti-corrosive qualities, excellent as a roofing material.

Step 2

Before the paint is applied on the COLORBOND® steel, a layer of polyester is put on a Zincalume® base. As soon as the paint is baked on the layer of polyester it will last longer, maintaining every bit of its visual aspects and stability for many years. Baking stops paint from cracking and peeling, even when the roof endures lots of adverse weather conditions for instance heat, rain, or wind. Brisbane Roofing services provides you with more in-depth information about various technical aspects of COLORBOND® steel roofing products.

Design And Versatility

Even complicated cylindrical and dome structures can be roofed with COLORBOND® steel. There is a total of twenty-two interesting colours coming with various COLORBOND® steel roofing products, which put together with a wide variety of profiles manufactured by Lysaght and Fielders, create a great base for a number of architectural designs. To discuss your roofing project, get solutions to any important questions, talk to a licensed roofer at Brisbane Roofing services. Two important features of a quality roofing product is its resistance and pleasing style and design. COLORBOND® steel won’t let you down in that matter.

Their Roofing Products Will Last For Years To Come

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COLORBOND® metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and shapes and gives you the possibility to match your roofing to any building, whatever its design or purpose.

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Having a long life span COLORBOND® steel is a brand commended internationally. COLORBOND® steel is an Australian brand, delivered by renowned BlueScope Steel, famous for the quality of all of their products. Even after forty-five years after being set up, all COLORBOND® products, whether on commercial or residential buildings, continue to display their waterproof and anti-corrosive properties.

Activate�”� increased the overall performance of the latest COLORBOND�”� steel roofing products in 18 numerous categories measuring durability and ability to resist various exterior factors. Adding magnesium to the admixture resulted in developing a new technology coating called Activate�”�, this addition made it possible to produce more COLORBOND® steel with lower amounts of metal, and design a material which functions much better in intense weather.

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