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Accredited COLORBOND® Roofing Company In Tamborine

COLORBOND®-Roofing-BrisbaneThese qualities brought COLORBOND® roofing products to the top of the list of products made for usge on private establishments and commercial buildings. Roofing products coated in COLORBOND® technology are best-known because of their durability, permanence and strength.

The Products Are Environmentally Friendly

Ask a professional at Brisbane Roofing services for more information about energy saving properties provided by COLORBOND® steel. COLORBOND® steel products are included in 22 unique colours, 21 of which are coated with Thermatech® – technology with highly efficient heat controlling properties. To reduce energy costs even more, remember to purchase quality underlayment and insulation, this ensures maximum Thermatech® efficiency. With Thermatech® coating the roofing material reflects solar heat much more successfully, hence minimizing costs connected with energy generated by usage of A/C.

The Design And Durability Of Their Products

With 22 colours available at COLORBOND® steel, and various roofing profiles from Fielders and Lysaght, every layout can be accomplished. With COLORBOND® steel both these qualities is a guarantee. A great roofing product is characterized by numerous properties with sturdiness and visual attraction being the most crucial ones. An experienced roofer from Brisbane Roofing services will go along with you covering the details and possibilities of your future COLORBOND® roofing product. Numerous types of COLORBOND® steel roofing items make it possible to achieve many architectural ideas.

Their Roofing Products Will Last For Years To Come

Roofing materials from COLORBOND® steel are famous for their longevity. Despite forty-five years after being installed, all COLORBOND® products, whether on commercial or residential buildings, still exhibit their waterproof and anti-corrosive qualities. Made by BlueScope Steel, a reputable company with long tradition for the Australian steel market, COLORBOND® steel is a roofing material you are able to trust and rely on.

Thanks to the progressive coating technology – Activate�”� – where magnesium is included to the alloy, BlueScope Steel were able to produce more durable and resistant COLORBOND® steel products with a lesser amount of metal. Activate�”� technology beat previous COLORBOND® steel coatings in eighteen categories, measuring overall performance, influence on health, and durability.

How Are Their Products Built?

Step 1

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COLORBOND® metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and shapes and gives you the possibility to match your roofing to any building, whatever its design or purpose.

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To create COLORBOND® steel the Zincalume® base, composed of aluminium, magnesium and zinc, is spread onto the surface of steel. As a result of Zincalume’s® properties, the fnal COLORBOND® steel product is rust resistant and very strong.

Step 2

Treating the steel with polyester and then baking the paint is what makes COLORBOND® steel so unique and resilient. For further technical specifications speak to a roofing specialist at Brisbane Roofing services. As soon as the Zincalume® base is applied, the steel is prepared with a layer of polyester and, as a final step, a top quality paint is baked to the surface. Nothing helps make the paint on COLORBOND® steel roofing crack or peel, it’s resistant against tough Australian climate and it’s high temperatures and severe downpours.

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