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West End Commercial Roofing Company

Brisbane-Commercial-Roofing-Services Business owners should not underestimate the value of roofing for their establishments. If you’re looking for a few decade’s worth of roofing, it is best to only invest in the best roofing materials. Do not forget that weather conditions always affect the roof first. That is why the roofing needs to be immune to external factors like rain, wind or heat.

To choose the ideal roofing material for your commercial building, be sure to take following aspects into consideration.

Are You Using Robust Roofing Materials?

Industrial fumes, saltwater, and serious weather conditions all have an impact on Commercial buildings around West End area. Because of these undesirable external factors, special level of durability is needed from a roofing material. Various locations need different COLORBOND® roofing products. Thus, areas nearest to the ocean or those affected by heavy industrial fumes should have COLORBOND® Stainless steel used as a roofing material. Structures further into mainland require less durable COLORBOND® products. Therefore, those who own businesses located between 100 and 200 meters from the source of saltwater are encouraged to use COLORBOND® Ultra steel if they want long term roofing solutions. COLORBOND® regular steel roofing products are appropriate for buildings with external conditions of average intensity. For any professional roofing consultation regarding your building, phoneBrisbane Roofing Services.

Make Your Commercial Building More Attractive With COLORBOND® Steel

For A commercial building with contemporary and innovative architectural designs COLORBOND® metal roofing products fromBrisbane Roofing Services will surprise you in relation to their considerable palette of colours. Australia’s incredible range of indigenous colours inspired COLORBOND® steel to produce their exceptional palette of colours. Standard COLORBOND® steel palette has 22 various colours available. COLORBOND® Metallic steel range stretches the list with an increase of 6, and 1 incredibly white color from COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel. Having a variety of interesting profiles from Fielders and several different COLORBOND® colours, even the bravest design is achievable.

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COLORBOND® metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and shapes and gives you the possibility to match your roofing to any building, whatever its design or purpose.

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If you’re looking for a in-depth energy-efficient roofing discussion contactBrisbane Roofing Services. Roofing material has to be proofed against strong Australian climate, particularly fierce sun heat. Coolmax® and Thermatech® are COLORBOND® steel coating technologies with successful solar reflectance factor. These coatings keep excessive heat at bay, shielding your building from this regardless of the outer temperature. The less heat within the more effective the air-conditioning, thus lower energy costs.

Select Materials For Your Commercial Building

COLORBOND® metal roofing products come in a variety of profiles and colours. WideKlip®, HiKlip®, and KingKlip® – a range of Fielders’s concealed-fix roofing systems, designed for maximum functionality in shopping centers and industrial establishments, can be acquired atBrisbane Roofing Services. Concealed-fix roofing provides maximum security against even the harshest weather conditions. Thanks to clips getting used as fixing agents and Fielders’s two decades Watertight guarantee, your roof can last for a very, very long time.

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Brisbane Roofing Services offers its clients a 6 year workmanship guarantee (extendable to 18yrs) in addition to the 25 year Bluescope Steel warranty.

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