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Live In Tamborine And Looking For A New Roof?

Brisbane-New-Roof-Services There are lots of reasons for roof replacement: complete change of the building’s layout, visible cracks and leakages on the old roof, but no matter the reason there is one that always stays the same – a new roof offers you several new possibilities. No matter what material is used for roofing there’s always a time when it needs to be removed and replaced with a new one.

Every area in Brisbane is characterized by slightly different conditions calling for a specific type of metal roofing product which only a professional roofer from, for instance Brisbane Roofing Services, can determine. Metal roofing is proved to endure more damage coming from salt breeze or various chemicals and still maintain the same characteristics for decades ahead. Roofing products that are available today, particularly COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® or other Metal Roofing products, are significantly more resilient to adverse climate conditions for example heavy downpour, wind or intense solar heat.

Environment Friendly

COLORBOND® has a wide selection of colours with high Solar Reflectivity (SR) index which in turn won’t let the sun heat end up in the house, consequently reducing your air-conditioning energy expenses. COLORBOND® Coolmax® and COLORBOND® Surfmist® are characterized by excellent thermal performance, achieving great results in many field tests held by organizations.

Qualities which make them an even more excellent alternative for the roofing of your house or business establishment for many years ahead. And also, Metal Roofing goods are made out of 100% recyclable non-toxic materials.

Roofers With Experience

Our clients’ satisfaction is the reason why our company is successful, for this reason we do our utmost to make sure that satisfaction in every area of our services. Our roofers are trained and experienced, having all licenses and permits to complete roofing services such as handling harmful materials (Asbestos Roofing Removal) or working at heights.

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We work with you to build your perfect roof

COLORBOND® metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and shapes and gives you the possibility to match your roofing to any building, whatever its design or purpose.

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Whether you have any questions regarding Brisbane Roofing Services or would just like to find out about specific roofing products or materials, our roofing specialists is more than happy to give you in-depth answers to all of your questions. Working with a reputable roofer is the only guarantee to have your roof installed professionally – a roof that’s tough and will keep its good quality throughout many years of usage.

Flexibility in design

Speak with Brisbane Roofing Services to get a complete with regards to the qualities and aesthetic properties of different metal roofing products. In addition, Fielders and Lysaght have numerous roofing profiles which, combined with COLORBOND®’s colours, pave the way to a variety of architectural choices and concepts. Using their uniqueness and attractiveness all colours from COLORBOND® steel palette can increase every design whether classic, modern as well as experimental. With many different profiles and colours offered in Fielders’ or BlueScope Steel’s vast catalogue of roofing products you’ll find virtually no boundaries as to where the design of the building can go. If you’re trying to find a roofing product that can be adjusted to practically any style, COLORBOND® steel will likely be your best shot.

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Brisbane Roofing Services offers its clients a 6 year workmanship guarantee (extendable to 18yrs) in addition to the 25 year Bluescope Steel warranty.

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