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Professional Roofing Company In Macgregor

Brisbane-Roofing-ServicesThe quality of the roof is generally the thing that makes or breaks a home. Attractive design, leak-proof and fire resistant materials, are fundamental benefits which every roof will need to have to serve its function properly.


COLORBOND® metal roofing is a popular roofing material, featuring a large selection of colors and shapes, you’ve got the ability to fit your new roof to any building you desire. Everybody wants the comfort of both friendly services and high-quality but trustworthy products, COLORBOND® and Fielder provide all that with their metal roofing products.

Roofing For Residential Buildings

The look of your roof is entirely up to you. Give Brisbane Roofing Services a call, they offer top quality COLORBOND® and metal roofing products for the garage, patio, Pergola or house.

A Roof Replacement

A roof replacement may be a good solution to unwanted leaking, roofrequires maintenance, visually unattractive and etc. A simpler alternative compared to a roof replacement is probaply reroofing.


Leaking isn’t a serious problem and doesn’t need a complete roof replacement, you should consider reroofing instead. Re-roofing is is a great solution for them frustrating leakage problems, it is cheap and offers just as much comfort as a roof replacement would.

Asbestos – You Should Consider A Roof Replacement

Brisbane Roofing Services provides safe asbestos roof replacement services performed by a licensed and skilled asbestos removal specialists. A couple of decades ago, people used a well-known roofing material called Asbestos for their homes. In spite of this, materials containing Asbestos were found to be damaging to human organisms. Upon being harmed, asbestos emits tiny fibers, inhaling these fibers can cause dangerous lung related diseases. Family is alwaysimportant, it is therefore recommended that you replace your old asbestos roofing with Colorbond® metal.

Metal Roofing Is A High-Quality Material

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COLORBOND® metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and shapes and gives you the possibility to match your roofing to any building, whatever its design or purpose.

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These materials can varry from, tin, asphalt, wood, tin and metal. Metal roofing will give you peace of mind because it is universal for all buildings. Roofing could be made from many different materials. When it comes to flexibility, expense, attraction, strength and maintenance, metal roofing is considered the most efficient and solid solution.

Roofing For Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings normally have flat roofs with walls extending over the roof line. Metal roofing is the best choice since there are many components that extend out from the top of the roof. Due to its flexibility, metal roofing evenly covers the whole top of the roof, keepage leaking problems away. Stop by Brisbane Roofing Services page for additional info on commercial roofing.

Hiring A Reliable Roofing Contractor

Every roofing specialist is required to be licensed before they perform the roofing installation. Home owners that are on the lookout for reliable roofers, might find themselves having difficulty since there are a lot of companies in the field providing the same services. Companies such as Brisbane Roofing Services, which has over a decade of experience in the roofing industry, are recommended. A decade is enough to assure potential customers that the company has vast experiencec within the roofing industry

A good roofer uses only the best materials that have extended warranty (BlueScope steel has twenty-five years warranty on their materials). A friendly workmanship guarantee has to be provided also. Thanks to Brisbane Roofing Services you can enjoy a 6 year workmanship guarantee (This could be extended to 18 years).

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Manufacturer warranty and guaranteed workmanship for your peace of mind

Brisbane Roofing Services offers its clients a 6 year workmanship guarantee (extendable to 18yrs) in addition to the 25 year Bluescope Steel warranty.

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